Mission Statement

The objectives of the League shall be to give interested boys and girls
a fully organized and controlled football and cheerleading program in
order to teach the fundamentals of citizenship and to aid them in the
development of character and good health. The atmosphere should
remain entirely free from adult ambition and personal glory. Good
educational study habits and the importance of staying in school
shall be stressed at all times.

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  • 1st Round Play Off Schedule
  • 2016 Mid Season Highlight
Pee Wee Division
Turf Field
Grass Field
(1) Panthers vs. (8) Bears
(4) Dolphins vs. (6) Colts
(3) Jaguars vs. (6) Packers
(2) Ravens vs. (7) Bucs
Super Midget Division
(1) Jaguars vs. (8) Chiefs
(4) Ravens vs. (5) Colts
(2) Panthers vs. (7) Falcons
(3) Bears vs. (6) Bengals
Midget Division
(2) Dolphins vs. (7) Bengals
(4) Ravens vs. (5) Chiefs
(1) Colts vs. (8) 49ers
(3) Jaguars vs. (6) Bears
Varsity Division
(2) Chiefs vs, (7) Colts
(1) Jaguars vs. (8) Packers
(3) 49ers vs. (6) Saints
(4) Bills vs. (5) Ravens

Highest seed is the Home team and has the honor of providing the chain crew for the game.

All games are played at Skyway Park.

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  • 49ers
  • Bears
  • Bengals
  • Bills
  • Bucs
  • Chiefs
  • Colts
  • Dolphins
  • Falcons
  • Jags
  • Packers
  • Panthers
  • Ravens
  • Saints


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